Iron remover for removing Brake Dust from Alloy wheels and car surface.

KKE Brake Dust Remover

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KKE Water Spot Remover

KKE Brake Dust Remover

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When you drive your car, the Brake dust from your car and the cars infront of you goes into your Car Paint and Sticks to your Car Wheels.

KKE Brake Dust Remover reacts with the Iron on the paint and the Wheels. The product changes its colour automatically from Translucent to Purple when it detects Iron Contamination.

Iron contamination on your car damages your Car Paint and Wheel. This treatment can be done by you yourself and must be repeated once in 15 days or after a long drive.

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KKE Brake Dust Remover is an excellent product which turns purple when it detects Iron on the surface. The product is pH balanced and is safe to use on

  • Alloy Wheels,
  • Plastics and
  • Painted Surface.

How to Remove Iron Contamination from The Alloy Wheels?

  1. If you Alloy Wheels are very dirty, you can remove wheel from the car. In normal cases, you can let the wheel remain.
  2. Spray KKE Brake Dust Remover. Spray from all four sides, Top, Bottom, Left and Right. The Spokes of the alloy wheels cause shadowing.
  3. Let it remain for a minute. The colour of the liquid will start changing to Purple. The purple colour shows the presence of Iron in that area.Do not let the product dry.
  4. Rinse off using a High Pressure or Garden Hose.


The iron contents on wheel give a dull look to your alloy wheels while the iron contamination can seriously affect your car's paint life. The iron deposits remain on the car paint damaging the nearby paint. Brake dust from your own car or the other vehicles on the road gets deposisted on your car surface. These deposists should be removed as frequently as possible. KKE Brake Dust Remover detects the Iron contamination and helps you focus on it. Your car is going to love you.

Directions for Wheel Cleaning

Apply the product on the whee

Allow the chemical to react with the dirt and contamination.

Notice the wheel changing its colour to purple.

Optionaly use a brush to clean the wheel

Clean it with high pressure to remove the loose Iron deposits


Directions for Removal of Paint Contamination

  1. Apply the product on the painted surface
  2. Allow the chemical to react with the dirt and contamination.
  3. The sprayed area will change colour if Iron is found
  4. Clean it with high pressure to remove the loose Iron deposits


Dilution: Ready to use.

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