How to get Thick Lather using Car Wash Foam Gun?

How to get Thick Lather using Car Wash Foam Gun?

In a commercial establishment, things go beyond the technically "Right" things. You need to do things to apease the customer and increase the customer satisfaction. Otherwise how else do you expect that the customer would come back to you?

Car Wash Foam Gun is an addon which fits infront of a professional High Pressure Cleaner. The High pressure of the Car Washer is used to create a suction because of which air and Soap solution are forced through the nozzle.The foam gun comes with an air intake Knob on the top which determines the ratio of Air to Soap Solution entering the water jet stream.


Adjusting The Air Knob for a Good Lather

As mentioned above the Air Knon detrmines the Air to Soap Solution ratio. While air is important as it is air which helps in getting a thicker foam while tool much of it will not have enough Soap Solution to hold or entrap the air, thus making a sloppy soap solution.

If you reduce the air andallow more Soap Solution, even though you would have soap, but you would not have enough air to get entrapped in the soap solution.

This means that the ideal condition lies somewhere in the middle and has to be achieved each time when being used. The best way we have found out over the years is a below.



  1. Take KKE Car Wash Shampoo and have a 1:10 solution in the foam gun bottle. KKE Car Wash Foam gun has a bottle of 1 liter, so you need to pour 100 ml Shampoo and fill the rest with water.
  2. Attach the bottle to the gun and start your High Pressure Pump
  3. Now turn the Air Knob towards one side fully and slowly start turning the knob on the other side, till you get the foam quality you desire.
  4. That's is all, with practice, this does not even remain a procedure. It is so simple to do and happens within a matter of seconds after starting.

If you are not getting the foam, you may try increasing or decreasing the soap concentration on the foam bottle.