Waterless Car Wash Chemical, dry wash liquid for yoru car. Just Spray and Wipe it off.

KKE Plus Dry wash

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KKE Water Spot Remover

KKE Water Spot Remover

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KKE Glass Cleaner

KKE Plus Dry wash

93% of 100

Excellent Waterless Car Wash liquid.

  • Easy to use.
  • Saves 100% water
  • Best for Summers


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Premium Wateless Car / Bike Wash

  • Formulated to clean all types of Paints
  • Suited for Bikes and Cars Both.
  • Simple - Spray On and Wipe Off formula
  • Special wetting agents formula to quickly remove hard dirt
  • Plesant Apple fragrance
  • Gives Shine


Directions to Use:

  • Spray KKE Dry Wash generously over the car / bike area. We would recommend to work in sections of 2 ft x 2 ft
  • Use a clean microfiber to wipe the can gently, carefully picking up the dirt from the Car surface.
  • That's it! This is how easy it is.


Details :

KKE Plus Dry Wash is an ultimate Waterless vehicle Wash / Waterless Car Wash liquid. Its low surface tension allows it to quickly adhere to the dirt and gives an excellent shine to the vehicle.

KKE Waterless Car Wash Liquid KKE Dry Wash

KKE Autocare is yet again here to provide High-Performance KKE Dry Wash for waterless vehicle washing. This product immediately loosens the dirt and gives an instant shine to the vehicle along with wet look.

KKE Dry wash is Plus series product and is Premium Vehicle Care Product.

The product is available in the following packages :

  1. 750 ml Spray Bottle
  2. 5 L Can
  3. 200 L barrel

Dilution: Ready to use.

Microfiber Towel is a MUST for Waterless Car Wash. Consider buying at least 2 - 3 of them.

Waterless Car Wash Procedure

The application is as simple as it seems to be. Just spray on the vehicle surface and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel.


Fold the microfiber towel and switch sides frequently so that the dirt collected by the microfiber doesn't go back to the vehicle surface. Use another dry microfiber towel to quickly buff the car for a perfect shine.


Change the sides of the microfiber frequently to always have clean part touching the car paint.


See the finish ! It is very easy and see - not a drop of water used. The floor is still dry.


Best for having the car as clean as new during the summer months.


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